I built Tag Master primarily as a service to the Barbershop community at large (ok, so maybe I benefit from it too :)).  I love this hobby, and want to do everything I can to prolong its vitality.  That being said, doing this type of development is not free, both in terms of the time I spend and the direct costs of development (e.g. paying fees to be on various marketplaces, purchasing devices to test things on, etc.).  I'm proud to be able to offer the applications for low or no cost, but if you feel inclined to make a donation to support my efforts, I'd truly appreciate it!  Feel free to donate as much or as little as you like.

In addition to supporting my efforts, please take some time to check out BarbershopTags.com, the provider of most of the raw data to be found in the app.  Those guys do fantastic work, and Tag Master could not exist without them, so please consider donating to them as well.