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Pitch Perfect

Pitch Pefect - A free digital pitch pipe for your smart device!

Tag Master - Barbershop Tags for your smart device!

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  1. kevin says:

    Would be nice to have the songs list in pitch perfect alphabetized.


    • david.poll says:

      You can reorder the songs list as you like — just hold down the edit button on any of the songs, and you can move it up or down. This is more flexible than alphabetizing, allowing you to see the songs in the order that you’ll perform them, for example.

      • Jordan says:

        Not sure if this is the right place, but the reorder function actually swaps the place of a song with the song near the destination (above or below, I haven’t determined), it doesn’t move the song and shift the stack. I had a Goodbye World near the end of the list, and every time I tried to move it next to Goodnight Sweetheart I would end up with Goodbye World in the correct place, and Goodnight Sweetheart near the end of the list!

        I would second the alpha function, though it should have a confirmation. I plan on categorizing with prefixes (P “name” for polecats, HB “name” for harmony brigade, etc) as a workaround for multiple lists for now.

        Cool app, I really like it!

        • david.poll says:


          Whoops! That’s a bug. I’ll try to get a fix in for it ASAP. There’s an update currently in the pipeline — you can expect it in a fix shortly after that.

          Thanks for reporting it!


          • david.poll says:


            The bug should be fixed in the latest update. Thanks for using the app!


      • Brian says:

        I agree about alphabetic ordering; it should be the default presentation order with the drag feature you suggest as the option. When we are tagging we all use different sources and finding any particular tag quickly is very difficult. By the time I’ve found it in Tag Master they’ve moved on to another one!

        Have you thought of doing a Polecat Master equivalent app?

  2. rick bowers says:

    Hi David.
    I love perfect pitch. I thought of a couple upgrade

    How about multiple lists. Chorus / quartet.
    How about the ability to hide songs. If they are in the rep, but not on the performance.

    Good luck,

  3. peter says:

    Great app. Just the app. i was looking for our a cappella quartet.
    I just want know, if it is possible to import list of songs from notepad e.g, or how can I copy my list to another android user.


  4. Glenn Goodman says:

    Like the app but hate the sound.very impure there any way to improve the waveform?

    • david.poll says:

      The note is a pure sine wave clipped at the top and bottom ends so that it comes out at an audible volume. I could make it configurable, but I suspect the utility of the app goes way down once the volume of the note goes down too far.

  5. Yvonne Scharf says:

    Hi David,

    The Pitch Perfect app is a great start for musicians who can readily match pitches at any frequency. I find it very useful and innovative. But may I suggest a feature to make it even more user friendly for those that are slightly pitch matching challenged (for example: my husband).

    How about an option for each note on the pitch pipe, an arrow on both sides of the pitch selected, to either increase or decrease the pitch by an octave, whether above the pitch or below the pitch. For example, my husband leads songs at church, but has a difficult time matching pitches outside of his vocal range, specifically on the pitch pipe. But he can match the pitches easily if they are an octave lower in his vocal range. Unfortunately, he can only use this app if he scrolls through the Notes feature and finds the frequencies in his vocal range. As you could imagine, this becomes very cumbersome for on the spot pitching and is not practical for him.

    The same issue presents itself in the Song feature.

    May I make another option suggestion: When saving a song, having the option to select from the list of notes at any frequency in addition to the preset drop down list of pitches. If these options were available, folks like my husband would be able to use your app with more ease.

    Best regards for success with your app.

  6. sean bradford says:

    will this be available on the Z10 soon???

  7. Matt brown says:

    Just down loaded you pitch perfect app on android.
    I downloaded it for the notes window. To hear the notes as a sign wave.

    The timbour of the sign wave sounds a bit buzzy. I am try to purposely memorize these sounds. The buzzyness is distracting I have heard smoother sounding sine waves with out the after buzz on the sign wave in this app.
    I hink I’m the first to make note of this.

    The one thing I need is what you have done in the noted window. Its just the sound of the sign wave that have me looking some where else for a solution.

  8. Rick Rogers says:

    Tagmaster simply stopped working today. What’s up?

  9. Brian Wilkie says:

    Would it be possible to import/export song lists in a simple comma delimited format?
    In any case this is a very useful app.

  10. Robin Entrekin says:

    I’m having trouble editing the song list. Can’t delete more than one entry (song) without having to restart the app.
    Also much preferred the black background in prior version. Any chance of providing an option for selecting background color?

    I love this app!

  11. Paul says:


    Tried to send an email via the Play Store, but it appears your email address there is not valid. Recently added a Pitch Perfect widget to my homescreen. Doesn’t seem to be working properly. Ex. pressing “G” plays “Ab”, “Eb” plays “F”, etc. I’m on a stock Moto X (2014) running Lollipop 5.0


  12. Bass2Tenor says:

    I like the song list function, I don’t like the lower tones than an actual pitch pipe, I hate the ad banner, and I don’t need the two extra functions. I would love to see a real pitch pipe image with real sounding pitches. I would also like to see folders for the songs so they can separated into groups, like Barber Pole Cats, Singing Valentines, Quartet, Chorus, etc. Finally, how can we get an ad banner free version?

  13. Joel Rea says:

    I tried to send this to you at the supp0rt Email address given on your site and in the app and in Google Play (, but it bounced back with 550 Mailbox Unavailable.

    Pitch Perfect for Android 2.4.0 uploaded Dec. 6, 2015

    The new update completely broke the entire app on my Motorola DROID Max running KitKat 4.4.2. It was working just fine before. But now, trying to do anything at all in the app or with the widget crashes it completely and it never makes a sound.

    I tried repeatedly to Report the crash using standard Google Play App error reporting, but it won’t even do that much (Android asks me if I want to Report it, but tapping “Report” does nothing).

  14. Rick Reynolds says:

    As I’m listening to the note generator, I notice the tones are not single frequency, but contain octaves and harmonics (dtmf). Why not a pure sine wave at a fixed frequency? Otherwise this is useless as a tone generator.

    • david.poll says:

      This is generating a sine wave, but unfortunately such a tone is very, very quiet. The actual implementation takes the sine wave, increases its amplitude, and then clips it at the top and bottom, which is why you’re hearing the harmonics. It does produce an accurate tone for the purposes of taking pitch, and has the benefit of being actually audible in the environment it would be used.

      Similarly, a physical pitch pipe generates octaves and harmonics.

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